Since 1868

With gold running through the regions veins, fossickers needed somewhere to relax after a days work. The hotel is the oldest licensed premises in Gympie which dates back to at least 1868. The hotel is one of the few remaining hotels in Mary St which once boasted 70 in the height of the gold rush. As the gold ran out so did the era of the hotels and slowly one by one the 157 Gympie hotels closed or were reincarnated into other commercial enterprises. The Queenslander Hotel is still here and serving up cold refreshments, sumptuous meals and soft beds for weary travelers . The friendly service and warm atmosphere is a hallmark of the hotel and probably accounts for the hotels resilience to booms and busts and floods which is common in this region.

The hotel can be traced as far back as 1868 where the original owner Henry Muller ran it as a inn, a tobacconist, jeweler and barber. It has had many names over the years: The European Hotel, The Black Horse, The Imperial, Billys and now the Queenslander Hotel.
The original site situated in what was known as Black Horse Hollow was a single story tin and timber building which was typical of the construction of the early township buildings.
The hotel was badly damaged in the 1870 flood and rebuild in its current form in 1871. The hotel reflects the pre 1900 heritage design and the constructed form is a dramatic example of the speed of which many of Gympies oldest buildings were erected.
If you stay in the restored accommodation on the 1st floor you will see the internal bones of the building juxtaposed with the Vertical Joint (VJ) timber walls and ceiling. This is typical of the Queensland construction designs in the late 1800’s that provided a fast to erect but durable structure that was well suited to the hot weather experienced in the region.